Renting out your short term property

Full attention to your rental offer for staff housing and flex workers.
With Short Stay at Home you can generate a lot of attention for your housing offer for staff housing and flex workers. As a landlord, you are sure that this will increase your chances of success. With our services you can easily offer your properties to the right target group, and generate a larger and relevant reach for your properties.

Done in three easy steps

  1. 1. Create an account for free
    Create an account for free Fill in the application form below. We will contact you to activate your account.
  2. 2. Fill in the details of the properties
    Has your account been activated? Then you can add unlimited living spaces to our website. Fill in as many characteristics as possible for each living space to show what type of house it concerns. The more information, the greater the chance that a house seeker will show interest.
  3. 3. Get responses
    Receive responses and requests directly in your own email. Contact the home seekers yourself now and invite the best candidates for a viewing.


Placing a house through a CRM link

Do you have a large selection of rental properties? Then place your offer on Short Stay at Home for free and easily through an automatic link with your CRM system and our website. Request a link by sending an email to

Request a free account

Would you like to offer free rental properties via our platform? Please fill in the form below as completely as possible. We treat each request individually. Once your account has been approved, you can log in to our platform and start listing your rental property(s) immediately.