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Renting an accommodation in the Netherlands

Find a short stay rental in the Netherlands on Short Stay at Home
The rental offer on Short Stay at Home is aimed at housing special groups for a short stay throughout the Netherlands. You can find rental properties in the big cities, but also in more rural areas beyond. This way you can search for a suitable temporary rental home throughout the Netherlands. The offer comes from private landlords, real estate brokers, property management companies, developers and housing associations throughout the Netherlands. Visitors of Short Stay at Home can easily search the large selection of rental properties and then contact them by email or simply just by calling. Short Stay at Home is very convenient for both tenant and landlord. Sign up for your premium account and find your new home.

Types of Accommodation the Netherlands
The Netherlands offers a range of accommodation, including standalone houses, semi-detached houses and apartments ranging from small studio units to lager units with multiple bedrooms. As well as a campsite, in a holiday park, hotel or boarding house especially for labour migrants. On our website you can find all these kind of accommodations for rent. The renal periods are flexible from 2 weeks up to 24 months.

When you want to rent a home, the property can be unfurnished, semi-furnished or furnished. What is the difference?

Renting an unfurnished home
An unfurnished house in the Netherlands is a living space with nothing but a concrete floor, bare walls and ceilings. There is no carpet, lighting, wallpaper, kitchen, bathroom and furniture. The rent of an unfurnished living space is usually lower than the rent of a semi-furnished or furnished home.

Renting a semi-furnished home
A semi-furnished home means that it will have a number of basic fittings such parquet or laminate flooring, wall to wall carpet or floor tiles. In addition, there should be curtains or blinds installed in the house or apartment. Basic light fittings are also to be fitted in an unfurnished property as well as a washing machine and a tumble dryer if possible. Finally, the kitchen is to have fixed appliances such as a cooktop, extractor fan, a refrigerator and an oven or microwave.

Renting a furnished home
If you are staying in the Netherlands for a short period (for example a few weeks or months), you might not want to purchase a complete set of furniture and furnishings. The contents of a furnished home include much more than those of a semi-furnished home. A furnished home is to include everything from cutlery to bedding. Tenants basically only need their suitcases to move into the House. The previously mentioned items for a semi-furnished home should be present in a furnished home, supplemented by furniture such as lounge room furniture, TV, dining set, bed(s), cupboards and light fittings. In addition to furniture there should also be linen, crockery and cutlery and other kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. Costs for the use of these contents are included in the rental price.

Inventory list
For a furnished or a semi-furnished home, an inventory list is often made before commencement of the rental period. This list includes all removable items included in the rented property. The inventory list is checked during handover of the keys and if necessary accompanied by photos included in the inspection report.

Start your search on Short Stay at Home in three steps:

Short Stay at Home collects all available rental homes for short stay on one platform, which making it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how it works:

  1. 1. Search our database
    Search for a house, apartment or room for rent in the Netherlands. If you use the provided filters, you can determine the rental price, housing type, amount of rooms and amount of space.
  2. 2. Send a message
    See something interesting? The houses, apartments, rooms and studios are not managed by Short Stay at Home. To request a visit, you can contact landlords directly by responding to the advertisement. Create a premium account to contact the landlord.
  3. 3. Visit your new home
    If the property is still available, the real estate agent or landlord could invite you for a viewing. And if the property matches your requirement and the Landlord wants to have you as a tenant, you might be standing in your new home.


How to avoid scamming?
Basically, all rental properties placed on are offered by private landlords or professional organizations. Unfortunately, scammers can be found on several platforms. Short Stay at Home is doing its utmost to prevent fake property advertisements from being offered on its platform. Yet, scamming can not always be prevented. We advise you to be alert at all times and to read the following tips to keep you from becoming a victim of scamming practices.

What can you do?
Keep in mind: if something seems too good to be true then – unfortunately – that is probably the case. If a beautiful home comes with a very low rent, then this could be a form of scamming.

Also check the following to avoid scamming:

What to do if you have been scammed?
It is important that you report this to us as quickly as possible. We will immediately block the landlord’s profile and try our best to find the perpetrator. It is unfortunate that we cannot report this to the police for you. We always advise you to report the internet scam to the police.

Any doubts?

Do you doubt whether a landlord is real? If you are not sure, you always can contact Short Stay at Home’s customer service. If it is indeed a scammer, action will be taken and we will immediately block the landlord’s profile.

You can reach Short Stay at Home in the following ways: