What is Short Stay at Home?
Short Stay at Home is a supply and demand website for rooms, studios, apartments and homes for staff housing. As well as a campsite, in a holiday park, hotel or boarding house especially for labour migrants. The website allows tenants and landlords to come into contact with each other. Landlords can offer objects, tenants can respond to this.

A free account on Short Stay at Home
With a free Account you can use some functions of the website. Such as searching in the housing offer. Some details will not be fully visible. To see the contact details of all providers, you must have a premium account with Short Stay at Home. Click here to create a premium account. You can then contact the provider via the contact form or the telephone number. It is up to the landlord to show a telephone number at the property. Some landlords prefer to be approached first via the contact form on Short Stay at Home.

How do I create a Premium Account
How nice that you are interested in a Premium Account at Short Stay at Home.

If you want to access the contact details of all providers and contact them directly if you wish, you can upgrade your account to a paid premium account. After your registration you have a trial period of 14 days in which you can cancel your subscription free of charge and without giving any reason. There will then be no automatic collection.

Your account at Short Stay at Home is established after you have registered yourself on the website and we have confirmed your registration by e-mail.

Click here to create a premium account.

Trial period
You can try a premium Account for free for fourteen days. In this trial period you can therefore respond to advertisements from providers for free. After this period, Short Stay at Home will charge for the use of a premium account.

Can I cancel the Premium Account at any time?
Absolute! You can easily cancel the Premium Account yourself at any time from your account. You can see in your account when the next direct debit will take place. Are you canceling before this date? Then no further direct debit will take place.

Do you decide at a later time that you want to use your account again? Then you can easily activate it again from your account.

IBAN bank account
It is only possible to create a premium account with an IBAN number. All banks in Europe (except Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) use the IBAN system. Short Stay at Home needs your account number to charge the monthly costs for the premium account. If you are unable to create a premium account, we recommend that you contact your bank.

How can I request a home viewing with a Premium account?
Have you found a home that interests you? Then contact the provider of the house. At Short Stay at Home we do not rent out properties ourselves, but we are a search platform where landlords can show their offer. We are therefore not the provider of homes on the website and can therefore not schedule viewings for you or provide substantive information about homes.

You can get in touch with the right provider by going to the property ad. At the right or bottom of the screen you will find the details of the provider. Fill in the contact form or call the landlord directly.

What happens to my response?
Your reaction will be sent to the landlord. Your response will be sent to the landlord. Landlords receive a lot of responses to homes. To ensure that your response stands out among all the responses, we recommend that you send sufficient information to the landlords. In any case, make sure that you briefly tell something about yourself, explain why you are interested in this home and provide certainty about being able to bear the housing costs. The landlord can then decide to contact you by e-mail or telephone. The landlord is not obliged to respond to comments.

When can I expect a response back?
After the landlord has received your response he can send you an e-mail or contact you by phone. This may take a few days. The landlord is not obliged to respond. If you haven’t heard from the landlord after a week, you can always send him a reply again.

Do you have to register with the municipality?
If you move, you should report your new address to the Municipal Administration (GBA) within five working days. This means that when you come to live in a place for the first time, you must register with the municipality. You will then automatically be deregistered from your old place of residence. You can register very easily online or in person at the town hall. You must bring proof of identity with you. The municipality does not check whether you are registered at the correct address. Registering with the municipality is also important because a number of rights are linked to this. For EU citizens who settle in other EU member states, if they stay in the Netherlands for more than four months, they must register as a resident of a municipality in the BRP. If someone comes to work in the Netherlands for less than four months (within a period of 6 months), registration as a ‘non-resident’ is sufficient. The person then registers with the RNI. As a result, he or she receives a BSN that is necessary to be able to work in the Netherlands, but no residential address in the Netherlands or other contact details are recorded in the BRP. For more information about accommodation and registrations, see link: https://www.workinnl.nl. The information is available in Dutch, English, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Bulgarian.

I come across an ad that I don’t quite trust. What can I do?
We make every effort to catch false advertisements. Unfortunately, sometimes one slips through.

Do you suspect that a property offered is not real or do you notice another form of fraud? Then let us know as soon as possible. You can do this by sending us a message via the contact form.

Tip: Does an advertisement or offer seem too good to be true? Then that is often the case. So be careful with far too low rental prices. Also be careful if the owner is always abroad, asks you to pay via a payment method you have never heard of or into a strange account. Never pay an advance before you receive the key or have visited the property.

Are you also available by phone?
To keep the subscription costs as low as possible for you, we do not have a telephone helpdesk. We also offer plenty of other ways to get in touch with us. We have a chat function, a contact form and you can reach us by email.