About Short Stay at Home

Our goal is to ensure that short- and midstay accommodation providers and short- and midstay housing seekers can easily find each other. In particular, the search for accommodation for international employees and flex workers is difficult to find and less transparent. The housing supply for short- and midstay is spread over various websites and is difficult to find. The already available websites on the Dutch market are mostly meant for long-term rentals and are not equipped for short term rental accommodations purposes in the Netherlands. Our platform brings together all the housing offers from employment agencies, brokers, property managers, housing associations and private owners throughout the Netherlands on a clear website for all Short -and MidStay accommodations.

Our mission

The idea of ​​an online platform for Short-and MidStay housing started because we believe that the housing of international employees (labour migrants) should be different. Short Stay at Home’s mission is to make the search for short stay accommodation easy for both landlords and tenants. Our platform is aimed at making the Short-and MidStay housing market in the Netherlands clear and transparent for both tenant and landlord. Short Stay at Home a progressive housing platform where supply and demand for the short-and midstay rental market in the Netherlands come together. On our website you can find information about the laws and regulations regarding the accommodation of international employees (labour migrants). We also find it important that international employees are well informed about housing, the importance of registration with the RNI (register of non-residents), insurance and the use of a DigiD in the Netherlands, in particular the position and self-sufficiency of the labour migrant is very important. More information about this is stated on this website. Short Stay at Home supports the position of the ““Aanjaagteam Bescherming Arbeidsmigranten”” led by the Roemer committee. This is to promote the position of the labour migrants in the Netherlands.